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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  April 11, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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diane alvear has the story. >> reporter: more than a month after 17-year-old trayvon martin was shot dead, abc news has learned the man who pulled the trigger, george zimmerman, will be charged, possibly as early as today. the special prosector angela corey announced she will hold a press conference in the next 72 hours. the teen's parents say they're ready for the next step. >> i have been up and down as if i was on a roller coaster, but i know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that justice will be served. >> reporter: zimmerman's attorneys made an announcement of their own, that they no longer represent. >> we heard today that george had contacted the prosecutor directly. one of the things the defense tells his client don't talk to
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the prosecutor, don't talk to the cops. >> he's not returning my emergencies, my -- my messages, my texts. >> reporter: it has heightened tensions. many questioning whether this should be termed a hate crime. the department of just this is conducting a concurrent investigation. >> if we find a civil rights crime, we will take appropriate action. at every step the facts in the law will guide us. >> reporter: he said it would be tough to prove a hate crime because the evidence must show zimmerman's intent and state of mind when he committed the crime. >> the harford county sheriff's office needs help identifying a man who approached a teller on cecil highway and havre de grace. he was able to make it out without injuring someone.
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if you may recognize the man, call 1-888-540-8477. it seems like tornadoes are hitting parts of the country than ever before -- well, they are. tornadoes are pushing the tradition am boundaries of tornado alley and hitting much of the midwest and deep south. oklahoma is one state that's been part of tornado alley for years. here in maryland we had to deal with two dozen of the storms. this week is severe storm awareness week. lots of area schools held tornado drills to make sure their students are prepared for the worst. >> 2011, maryland saw a record
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year for tornadoes. we had 27f0 and f1 categories. no lives were lost and damage was kept to a minimum. tornadoes can occur any team during the year rand really in states and areas where you least expect them to occur. >> the tests were done by the national national oceanic atmospheric administration. the parters are hoping local businesses and government agencies will start doing them as well. taking a live look at harbor cam, look at the flags blowing in the wind. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart to find out how cold it's going to get. that's a cold one, isn't it? >> the wind making it feel cooler even still. there have been showers. we like to see a this on maryland's most powerful radar given the dry spring and the
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enhanced wildfire risk. the showers very limited rain, very quick movers, so not changing the ground moirchlt a freeze warning where they had snow showers this afternoon. look at this, a big spin from a disturbance up in new england, upper level low pressure bringing in the clouds and the winds that have cooled us down. low 50s for another hour or two. then we're in the 40s. we'll talk about how much temperatures change. it's coming up. well, if you haven't guessed, it as a tearful good-bye on "dancing with the stars." "the view"'s sherri shepherd was so emotional that she only dave an interview to george pennachio. >> sherri shepherd couldn't fight back her tears after learning she was eliminated. >> thank you for letting me live
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a dream. >> reporter: that dream included a fox trot a jive a rumba and a tango. after her e lem narks she couldn't do -- elimination, she couldn't do the whole press line. >> i got to live a dream. you never want your dream to end, so to get off the ride so early, it's a little heartbreaking but i'm very thankful for the ride that i got. >> reporter: but her new found family wishes the ride could have lasted longer. >> she worked so hard. she really wanted to be in it. it's awful. >> i want people to know when i cry, it's a happy cry. it's a grateful cry. >> there are people you danced with who are shattered for you and are shedding tears themselves. >> this is truly a family, and
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i've met some amazing people. you're making my eyelash come off. you know i'm a diva. >> she was in the bottom two with one of her son's favorite stars, roshon fegan. >> he said is roshon coming back. >> she returns to "the view" and the others return to rehearsing because next week is latin week. in los angeles, george pennachio for abc news. a store clerk pushed to the limit fights back. how a robber came into the store. a man nearly walks into a bear. a look at this terrifying encounter and why you should look before you thect.
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a convenience store clerk ended up in a fight for his life when an armed robber burst into the store. it was caught on surveillance video. the clerk eventually took matters into his hand. the gunman eventually got lay
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way. police said this was the second time in a week the place was robbed by the same man. the clerk has since quit. texting while driving is dangerous. a california man was texting and walking when he looked up and saw that -- a bear. >> i'm coming down the stairs and i see the bear coming up the stairs toward me. so i turned back to run for my life. >> he was probably just trying to text people, hey, have you seen the bear on tv. help ended up getting a safe distance from the bear. eventually wildlife officials were able top tranquilize it. many poodles are recovering after being recovered from a recycling bin in indiana.
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military or over age 60. lots of folks waiting for the last minute to get their tax returns mailed off and that can make the roads dangerous. a study by the national highway traffic safety administration shows crashes go up on tax day. it's 60% higher than on nondeadline days. they believe stress might ab factor here. >> stress kills. remember that, my friend a pretty nice day. i stepped out of the building. you can see things getting greener despite the fact we am a lack of rain. 53. this is the coolest day we've had in awhile. humidity right around 40%. humidity hams come up. there are hit and miss very
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light showers. we're tracking them with maryland's most powerful radar. these are not the type of rain showers that will really change the game in terms of thatten hansed fire risk. west to cumberland some snow in the maryland mountains. for most of us it's hit and miss light rain shower activity and reaching toward easton as well. the freeze warning is up for western maryland and freeze watch for central pennsylvania if you're watching from york county. be advised there will be a freeze. other than that, things will be come and dry the rest of the night. i don't expect much in the way of rain but hit and miss brief patches of rain. wind frpts northwest. this will continue to be gusting close to 30 in d.c. you get the idea it's breezy. the humidity coming up with the peppering of light rain showers. that is key for us it.
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keeps that fire risk you is pressed. there's a big disturbance over the new england states. it's this system offshore of cape cod that is helping to generate some of these hit and miss showers. cool flow with high pressure counter clockwise to the east. high pressure centered over the dakotas, more toward iowa and illinois. that colder patch is bringing moisture off the great lakes but also dropping those temperatures. we'll see temperatures recover but it will be a chilly one. be ready for an extra layer you'll need in the morning. all right, passing clouds through the night and a mex of sun and clouds without as many light showers. i think it will be a drier day but a mix of sun and clouds. then into friday we clear the skies as the high pressure over iowa will center over the
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mid-atlantic. it will mean a dry and warming trend into the weekend, really a nice setup. next chance for rain will likely ab stray shower sunday better chances middle of next week. getting colder. your two-degree guarantee near 60 mostly sunny. most of the day in the 50s. tomorrow night down to 38, mostly clear, not as chilly. let's show you that seven-day forecast. here's the trend which is a warming trend that's slow for the next day or two. it warms up in a big way pass we go into sunday and monday pushing 80. looks like that range may hang out into the middle of next week. the best chance for showers, that's going to come tuesday into wednesday. wednesday looking like perhaps some decent rain around here. we'll see. >> it was just very lightly but never really did anything. >> like you hit the wind chill,
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the wiper and it's time to turn them off. >> exactly. thanks a lot. now on to democracy 2012, the general election season has begun, at least for mitt romney but he faces a number of challenges, within his own party. what lessons did they learn from the primary season? >> reporter: rick santorum is out of the race. mitt romney is now focused on the general election but it was actually santorum who taught us a lot about the former massachusetts governor. >> done very, very well. >> reporter: for this underdog patience paid off. they shuffled from candidate to candidate looking for the hasn't prom nip alternative. >> game on. >> reporter: finally, they settled on rick santorum. >> thank you so much, iowa. >> conservativism is alive and well in missouri, iowa and
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minnesota. >> reporter: santorum's 11 victories highlight a challenge for romney dishsh courting conservatives. he has tried to connect with his party's base. >> but i was a severely conservative republican governor. >> reporter: in return they've been luke warm toward him. his -- santorum's wins came from southern states, his support from mostly evangelical voters. romney's came from moderate northern states. >> the president's slogan is hope and change. now it's let's hope for a change. >> reporter: romney shifts his focus to president obama. the question is whether he will make conservative voters a priority between now and november. the reality is santorum couldn't compete with romney's big organization and campaign cash. he was able to win over a lot of
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conservative voters. quite honestly, he gave mitt romney quite a fight. >> mitt romney is already geared up for the campaign but the president is not sleeping either. he's got a new ad out. what can you tell bus that? >> reporter: it seems president obama has his eye on mitt romney already. watch some of this ad they released. >> corporations are people, my friend. i like being able to fire people who provide services to me. i was a severely conservative governor. >> reporter: rose circumstance the democrats are calling that the greatest hits. it goes on for about two minutes, if you can believe it. thes would you was clearly watching the republican primary as it went on for months and months. >> wow. it's going to be something to see as months go on.
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thanks. you always want to make sure there's enough money in your bank account when you write a check. apparently newt gingrich's campaign ran into problems when a $500 check bounced. gingrich's camp said it was a problem with trying to send the money from the incorrect account and they will fix it. george clooney is stepping up to help president obama's reelection campaign. he will host the president and about 150 others at his home next month. the tickets are expected to run about $40,000 a piece. coming up all brand-new at 6:00, two la crosse players suspended for what's being called weapons on grounds are back in the classroom. plus, they turned their work into a family affair. we'll talk to the brothers about their brickover challenge. here's a preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30.
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coming up on world knew -- news, phony government agents harassing people. american families losing thousands of dollars. what you need to know if the scammers call you, tonight on world news.
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today was a day of turn arounds. the dow jones industrial average rose 89 points to close at 12,805. the nasdaq closed at 3,016. the s&p closed at 1,369. in tonight's consumer alert, tablet computers are taking over
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the world. a new report from guardner incorporated showed sales are spected to double. apple's ipad is the most popular but is getting competition. gas prices are down for a fifth day in a row according to aaa. the average price is $3.92. over the summer months they're expecting prices to peak. abc2 news is always working for you to help you find the cheapest prices in the baltimore area. log on to click on gas prices. you'll find a list of the cheapest prices found by folks in our area. reports of the man accused of shooting a teen and we'll
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have it. two high school la crosse players were suspended last year for using tools look this for their sticks. i'm don harrison. i'll tell you how the appeal went. fire destroyed part of a church in dundalk. . we start with a live look at interstate 83, the harris berk expressway and shawan road where traffic is looking pretty good. i'm surprised. 6:00 and cars are moving. there have been pop-up rain showers. garrett county is dealing a coat of snow. what is going on? wyatt everhart has the forecast. at least


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